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Why Us?

Here are some advantages of the oil offered by us:

  • Oil to last indefinitely if the contaminants are removed, as oil does not lose its properties
  • System life increase-at least double-saving of large capital investment
  • Less maintenance cost-drastically reduced built-in filter replacement
  • Better production due to less down time
  • Less oil imported, thus saving foreign exchange for the country
  • As oil is not dumped on to the ground, thereby saving pollution of ground, water and air, therefore helping in controlling pollution
  • Oil kept at NAS 3- the oil will then become particularly frictionless, and life of the systems and oil including journals and baring of thermal power plants, will be indefinite, i.e. over 60 years
  • Particles of 1-2 microns are not considered in NAS level determination.
  • Particles from any system tank bottom, causes great damage to seal and bearing of the pumps, as there are coarse filters before the pumps. Particles act like tiny bullets on seals and bearings and hoses, etc.
  • Servo valve life is increased
  • Setting of servo valves to zero setting can be decreased tremendously
  • Stick valve problem can be eliminated
  • Oil life is increased because of higher cleanliness level
  • With use of industrial oil filtration systems consumption of conventional system filters goes down substantially as these filters are less loaded
  • As slit control (filtration of particles less than 5 microns) is possible with depth filtration and also extends component life.

Product Portfolio

We are engaged in manufacturing the following products:

  • Hydraulic Oil Filtration
  • Turbine Oil Filtration
  • Cutting Oil Filtration
  • Lube Oil Filtration
  • Gear Oil Filtration
  • Fire Resistant Electro Hydraulic Control (EHC Oil)
  • Transformer Oil Filtration
  • Oil in Drum

We also undertake various services related to Power Plant Insulation, Workshops Plants Insulation, Rental Services, Steel Plant Insulation, etc. Additionally, we render sale and rent related services for Vacuum Dehydration Machine. The other services is as follows:

  • We render premium Super lean NAS oil filtration service at your door step charging on per liter basis or on monthly rental basis
  • We remove solid particle and water from oil
  • We rely on particle counter testing machine to know exact NAS/ISO value after filtration of oil rather than confusing patch testing.

Quality Assurance

We follow a very stringent quality policy. This policy is followed in each of our business endeavors thereby helping us to develop high grade Lubricating Oils and other products. Cleanliness of new oil is approximately NAS 12. Most hydraulic oil and lubrication system is requires NAS 7 or below as the contamination level is very high in the oil. We are able to maintain the level up to NAS 5 and below. Further, we conduct routine analysis of the new oil by particular counter to ensure effective contamination. Apart from this, we have the technology to transport the new oil from drum to your system in a cleanest way.


Our quality measures are supported by our advance infrastructure. Through our multi pass filtration the water & particulate can be removed from the oil and this extend the fluid life. We have machinery to remove the extraneous particulate through which oils can be restored to original specifications. We also have logistic support system to distribute the products and meet the delivery schedules of the customers.

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